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Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan Addresses the Nation






The loans that previous governments had taken, we were burdened with them the minute we took government. I thank the Saudi government for the package we received and because of that a lot of pressure on us has been relieved. This eases the burden with which we will be approaching the IMF; which would then have been borne by the awaam. To pay off the loans that these people took in their tenures. We have received a wonderful package from Saudi Arabia and the IMF will not burden us so much. I am going to share more good news with you soon. We are in talks with two other nations who are going to be giving us similar packages. We are going to be implementing the best measures to make sure that our salaried class is not burdened. I am also proud to tell you that we are going to be playing the role of a peacemaker in the region; to bring Muslim countries together, bring peace to regions like Yemen. What bothers me is that two parties ruled Pakistan for the past 10 years. In 1971, the total debt of Pakistan was 30 billion. In 2008; our debt went to 6000 billion. From 30 billion to 6000 billion. And in the past 10 years it went from 6000 billion to 30,000 billion. All this talk of those saying we are ruining democracy; are they not ashamed of saying all this in light of the legacy they left. In 2013 our circular debt was 480 billion; and today the debt is 1200 billion that we have been left with. They even ate the workers fund of 40 billion; the provident fund of workers. What they have done to the country in 10 years; and today they have stood so “save democracy”. Currently we are only doing damage control to the destruction that have inflicted. They are only united to build pressure on one thing; they know when we audit where 30000 billion went, all their corruption will come to the forefront. It is simply for one purpose; to get an NRO by exerting pressure. I want to give them a message; you want to come on the streets? Come on the streets. You want to wreak havoc in the assemblies? Go ahead. But I will not leave one corrupt person and I will not give an nro. This is the promise I have made to the people of Pakistan.

Where is all this money propping up into fake accounts from? It is your money being stolen. And then they use scare tactics and pressure to try and get NRO. The burden of accepting corruption affects the awaam the most. To break this cycle we need accountability. And we will bring accountability to this country. We are simply auditing right now. The cases currently going on are from before. PIA has a debt of 400 billion. We are just auditing all the institutions. While they are blackmailing. I want to tell the nation to not worry at all. Countries go through difficult times. Especially when we tolerate corruption; it is unfortunate. This is why corruption must be tackled. We have dropped in corruption rankings in the WEF. And we are looking to curb money laundering. We are making an enabling environment for our exporters and investors via one window operations. To increase remittances; I spoke to the Saudi government myself regarding our workers there and they have decreased the visa fee for them. We are trying to make it easy for them to send remittances via banking channels to increase our dollars coming in. We are working on housing which will lift 40 industries side by side. This will give young people and construction companies opportunities

We will also outline what are doing to reduce poverty. And the safety net we are building to lift people out of poverty in the country. Yes we are going through a difficult time. But look at it as a patient who is ill who has to go through pain during surgery, but they eventually get better. So yes we will have pain the short term. But in the long run we will rise at an accelerated speed. People are ready to invest in this country but they simply want to see an enabling environment. First whenever they came to invest, someone would ask them for bribes and handouts. And InshAllah we will be the country that will give loans to other countries rather than asking for loans ourselves. We have that kind of potential. Pakistan Zindabad.