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Team Punjab - Member Profiles

Kaleem Hafeez

Punjab Region Lead


With a background of computer and information technology and working in the capacity of PTI Social Media Punjab head, Kaleem Hafeez handles all social ... Read More

Naveeda Sultan

North Punjab Lead


Naveeda Sultan with 19 years in the Media & the Communications field after Masters Degree currently working in one of USAID’s Project as Media & ... Read More

Uzair Mahmood

South Punjab Lead


Uzair Mahmood is a telecom engineer and got his Bachelor's degree from Air University, Islamabad. Uzair is a Cisco Certified Professional and ... Read More

Mudassir Sindhu

Central Punjab Lead


Tabeer is a graduate and attains a BCOM degree. He joined PTI in 2007, served as a Youth Wing Member in 2009 and joined the PTI Social Media Team in 2015. ... Read More

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