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Team KP - Member Profiles

Furqan Kakakhel

KP Team Lead


Furqan Kakakhel works as a Marketing & PR Manager at leading Management Consultant of KP. He has served as Information Secretary of PTI Peshawar in ... Read More

Umer Farooq

Ground Team KP


Umer Farooq is a Bachelor of Computer Science student From Peshawar. He joined PTI in 2010 and campaigned for PTI for Elections 2013. He conducts ... Read More

Syed M. Hashim

Lead KP Facebook


Syed M. Hashim holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Hashim has served the PTI Social Media Team since 2013. He is the lead of PTI's KP Facebook ... Read More

Bilal Muhammad

Instagram, Facebook


Bilal holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Islamia College Peshawar. Bilal is in the KP Social Media Team & a part of the official Social ... Read More

Syed Ihtisham Shah

Designer, Photographer

D.I. Khan

Syed Ihtisham Shah attains a Civil Diploma in DIT. He is a Graphics Designer and Photography volunteer from the DI Khan area and has been with PTI since 2009 ... Read More

Azmat Ullah Jan

Insaf Tv


Azmat is a Bachelors in Computer Science (BsCs) student in Peshawar. He joined PTI in 2008 and took active part in PTI's membership drive before 2013 Elections ... Read More

Muneeb Ur Rehman



Muneeb is studying BCS in Comsats Institute of Information & Technology. He has served the PTI since 2010 and joined the Social Media Team in 2015. He covers ... Read More

Farman Afridi

Ground Admin


Farman is a Bachelors of Information Technology (BS-IT) student and Social Media Activist. He joined PTI in 2010 and officially joined the Social Media Team ... Read More

Shahzad Khan

Ground Team


Shadzad is a student at Institute of Management Studies University of Peshawar. He joined PTI in 2009 and the PTI Social Media Team in 2011. He covers PTI's ... Read More

Tabeer Ahmad

Facebook Admin KP


Tabeer is a graduate and attains a BCOM degree. He joined PTI in 2007, served as a Youth Wing Member in 2009 and joined the PTI Social Media Team in 2015. He ... Read More

Sajeer Alam

KP Ground Team


Sajeer Alam is a Marketing Management Graduate from Institute of Commerce & Management (United Kingdom), based in Peshawar... Read More

Yar M. Khan Niazi

KP South Region


Yar Muhammad Khan Niazi is a Computer Science graduate of and now working as a Viable Village Manager at Khwendo Kor ( Sister's Home) Regional Office ... Read More

Zohaib Khan

Senior Member of KP Team


Zohaib Khan is a mass communications professional. He joined PTI Social Media Team in 2013. By profession, he is a professional photographer, Cinematographer ... Read More

Ali Nawaz

KPK Admin


Ali Nawaz is one of the ground coverage leads in KPK. He has covered all the PTI related events, meetings, festivals & have brought live updates from the ... Read More

Asfandi Yar

Senior Member


Asfandi Yar is an IT Manager based in Peshawar. He had been working with PTI Social Media Team since 2008. He has contribute to the team as Photographer ... Read More

Raj wali

PTI Creative Lead


With a background of computer and information technology and working in the capacity of PTI Social Media Malakand Head,PTI KP Creative Lead Raj Wali Khan handles ... Read More

Haris Khan

SMT Member


Haris Khan is a student of Political science. He served on various positions of ISF & PTI in District Malakand from 2011 to 2014 as Vice President & General Secretary ... Read More